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Check out this great video, we also have a licensed insurance adjuster on staff to help you understand your claim (if you have damage from wind or hail,) so when we say we're "insurance claims specialists" we mean business! 

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We understand that your time is important, that's why our site isn't an encyclopedia about roofing, you've arrived here because you either need a new roof or you need a repair, with over 10 years in business and located in Arlington Texas, we are a family owned and operated company, with an A+ rating with the BBB and over 5 years with ZERO complaints! Whether you need a commercial or residential roof our expert crews have got you covered! 

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Warranty program


You may ask yourself why do I need a "roof warranty" program when I have homeowners insurance?

That's a great question.  

Yes, we all have homeowners insurance for the BIG stuff (large hail storms, trees falling on your roof, or big wind storms that blow off half the roof!), but what happens when your roof leaks? 

Is that covered by your insurance? Maybe, but probably not! 

What about when just a small amount of shingles blow off? Is that covered by your insurance? Again, probably not.

Why is that? Because we all have a deductible to pay. Here's a quick scenario, a big storm brings heavy winds and blows off a few shingles, you file a claim with your insurance, an inspector comes out and assesses damages, there is, let's say, $750 worth of damages, but wait, your deductible is $1500, how much is the insurance going to pay out? Simple answer, ZERO, because the repair costs do not exceed your deductible! You'd have to have $1501 worth of damage to get one dollar from your insurance company! Meanwhile, you've got $750 worth of shingle damage to your roof that YOU have to pay!  If you sign up for our warranty program, your cost would be ZERO! 

Now with regard to leaks, most, if not all, insurance companies require that a leak be created by what they call a "storm created opening" (not normal wear and tear or "deferred maintenance") in order for it to be considered a covered expense, with our warranty program, we would fix your leak for FREE instead of a few hundred dollars like it would be without the program. This is why you need our warranty program even though you have homeowners insurance! 

And at only $14.95 a month, it's very affordable, and a perfect compliment to your homeowners insurance. Look at some of the GREAT benefits you'll get. · No waiting period on wind damage - if you sign up today and mother nature blows some shingles off your roof tomorrow, we'll fix it at NO COST TO YOU! · Leaks, missing shingles, worn out components*, PAID IN FULL! · 100% of your $14.95 goes towards your insurance deductible being PAID IN FULL (if and when you ever have to file an insurance claim) whenever the time comes when you do have to have a full roof replacement. · When you buy a new roof from us, you won't need this warranty service anymore, because A2Z Roofing is the home of the LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY on all of our full roof replacements!

The "fine print"

  1. Free roof inspection required (If there are current repairs needed we will quote you a fair, low price to repair the roof and then accept your first months payment and begin your warranty service) 
  2. Component part replacement covers the labor associated with replacing the part. (customer is responsible for purchasing the new part) 
  3. 90 day waiting period on leak repairs.
  4. Deductible being “paid in full” assumes customer is using A2Z Roofing to re-roof the entire roof using all of the monies associated with a successful insurance claim (it does not mean that we pay the deductible for you, when we come to inspect your roof during pre-enrollment we can give you a better understanding of what we mean in regards to the deductible) Program may cancelled at any time with 2 week notification.  Non-payment within 14 days of the scheduled automatic payment will result in a cancellation of the warranty program A2Z Roofing is not responsible for any damages to the interior of the home that arise from a leak under the terms of this warranty, our warranty covers the exterior of the home only.

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